October 26, 2015

In the Matter of Raymond A. Reddin

In the Matter of Raymond A. Reddin, Judge of the
          Superior Court (D-123-13; 074439)
          In the Matter of Gerald Keegan, Judge of the Municipal
          Court (D-124-13; 074440)
          The Court revises the standard to assess whether a
          judge’s personal behavior creates an appearance of
          impropriety, and adds an element of objective
          reasonableness to the test.  The Court adopts the
          following new standard: “Would an individual who
          observes the judge’s personal conduct have a
          reasonable basis to doubt the judge’s integrity and
          impartiality?” Applying that standard, the Court finds
          by clear and convincing evidence that respondents
          violated Canons 1, 2A, and 5A(2) of the Code of
          Judicial Conduct, but imposes no sanctions in light of
          the Court’s revision of the applicab

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