August 2, 2016

§ 10:162-6.4. Treatment plan IDRC

§ 10:162-6.4.  Treatment plan

   (a) The purpose of the treatment plan is to provide information and personal insight to the client so that he or she will recognize the extent of his or her alcohol and/or drug abuse problems and acquire the basic tools to begin recovery and maintain sobriety, if such a goal is part of the plan. The plan shall also educate the client about the danger of alcohol and drug use in conjunction with driving.
(b) A treatment plan shall include the following;
1. Education on alcohol and drug abuse problems;
2. Information on the effects of addiction on families, work and personal health; and
3. Individual and group counseling aimed at providing personal insight and information on how to recover. The information shall include:
i. The location of self-help groups;
ii. Information on how self-help groups work;
iii. Information on family treatment resources;
iv. An opportunity for the client to involve family and friends in the recovery process and treatment; and

v. A statement informing the clients of any confidentiality protection he or she is entitled to.

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