August 2, 2016

§ 10:162-3.3. Rescheduling IDRC

§ 10:162-3.3.  Rescheduling

   (a) A rescheduling of a client for attendance at the Intoxicated Driver Resource Center may be granted for the following reasons only:
1. Health emergency, either personal or family;
2. Death in the family within 10 days prior to scheduled appointment;
3. Documented work emergency; or
4. Family emergency.
(b) The reasons or instances in (a)1 through 4 above shall be proved by suitable documentation, such as a physician's letter, obituary notice, or a letter from an employer.

(c) Persons who fail to attend without having been excused by the IDRC Director shall be found in non-compliance and shall be referred to the sentencing court and the Division of Motor Vehicles for appropriate action.

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