August 2, 2016

§ 10:162-4.6. Referral procedures IDRC

§ 10:162-4.6.  Referral procedures
 (a) The Intoxicated Driver Resource Center shall provide each client referred for treatment with a list of affiliated treatment programs. The list shall reflect the following items:
1. Name of program;
2. Location;
3. Days/times of operation of any Intoxicated Driver Resource Center client group sessions;
4. Type of treatment and type of counseling (that is group, individual and number of self help group meetings required, and if family involvement is required);
5. Cost per session (indicate if there is a sliding fee scale or third party payment available and the minimum and maximum fees and any nontreatment fees.
(b) Clients shall choose a program from the list and sign the appropriate form indicating that he or she was shown the list and selected a program.
(c) If the Intoxicated Driver Resource Center chooses a program for the client it shall be because it would substantially benefit the client in his or her present condition.
(d) When a specific modality or program is recommended it shall be noted on the appropriate form with the reason for recommendation. All clients shall sign the form to indicate that they understand the content.
(e) Intoxicated Driver Resource Centers shall not make direct referrals to a self help group following evaluation unless the client can demonstrate that he or she is currently actively participating in the self help group. All other treatment appropriate clients shall be referred to self help groups by a treatment program as an addition to treatment. Referrals to self help groups shall not be made on the basis of indigence.
(f) All clients referred to treatment shall sign a records release authorization prior to leaving the Intoxicated Driver Center in order to allow the Court, the Intoxicated Driver Resource Center, the Intoxicated Driving Program, the Division of Addiction Services, the Division of Motor Vehicles, the client's attorney, the treatment program and other specifically named individuals or entities to exchange information.
(g) If a client refuses to sign the form, the Intoxicated Driver Resource Center shall inform the client that such refusal shall be considered noncompliance. If the client continues to refuse to sign, the client shall be considered noncompliant for refusing to sign the Records Release Authorization form necessary to complete program requirements.

(h) The client's refusal to sign the form shall not interfere with any lawful right of the above agencies to communicate.

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