August 2, 2016

§ 10:162-6.13. Final client treatment release, evaluation, and request for payment IDRC

§ 10:162-6.13.  Final client treatment release, evaluation, and request for payment
 (a) In releasing a client from treatment, the counselor is making a professional judgment about the client's alcohol/drug behavior. The client should be in control of his or her problem. For alcohol or drug abusers, this will mean abstinence; for others who are not alcohol or drug abusers, this will mean the ability for the client to make rational decisions regarding alcohol/drug use and driving.
   (b) The following criteria shall be considered by the treatment program counselor to support the counselor's professional judgment:
   1. Client cooperation during treatment;
   2. Development of positive attitude;
   3. Achievement of abstinence;
   4. Quality of involvement in treatment or self help group;
   5. Family involvement in treatment;
   6. Participation in group interaction;
   7. Change of behavior patterns related to alcohol/drug use;
   8. Significant life style changes;
   9. Reduction of alcohol/drug intake;
   10. Improvement of self image;
   11. Use of support systems;
   12. Positive observations by family members, other clients, and other counselors; and
   13. Chemical test results where available.
   (c) An approved sub-grantee shall present suitable documentation to a coordinating grantee designated by the Division of Addiction Services for payment for a covered treatment episode, indicating the date or dates on which services were provided, the number of units of service provided, the modality or modalities of service provided and proof that the client was an eligible recipient.

   (d) The Division of Addiction Services may authorize provider service sub-contracts in the form of payments by a coordinating grantee to approved grantees based on the documentation provided pursuant to  N.J.A.C. 10:162-6.13(c) and 10.4(a) through (c).

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