January 22, 2017

To Police Departments: Annual Review of the Major Municipal Court Cases in the past year affecting law enforcement March 1, 2017

   Annual Review of the Major Municipal Court Cases in the past year affecting law enforcement
March 1, 2017 at 12 noon,
Sponsored by Retired Police & Fire Middlesex & Monmouth Local 9 meeting NJRPFA
       This is an opportunity for both Retired and active Police and Fire to meet members of Local 9 and receive a quick update in cases affecting law enforcement. The 15-minute discussion on recent cases will be followed by monthly meeting of Retired and active Police can also discuss issues regarding COLA and the pending legal battles in Trenton.
       For information or membership in Local 9, contact President Mike Burns mcbkc@aol.com 732-721-7474 Retired Police & Fire Middlesex & Monmouth Local 9 meeting NJRPFA. This pre-business meeting is not limited to just Middlesex & Monmouth. Any interested active and retired law enforcement can attend the update on Municipal Court.  Please share
       Speaker: KENNETH VERCAMMEN, Esq. of Edison
                  Contributing writer for the NJ Police Chief Magazine
Editor: NJ Municipal Court Law Review       www.njlaws.com/mun.html
 Past President Middlesex Municipal Court Prosecutors Assoc

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About the New Jersey Retired Police and Firefighters Association, Local 9 of Middlesex and Monmouth Countiies Local 9 NJRPFA .  The NJRPFA was established in 1987 to promote and develop a friendly spirit among its members, both retired and associate members. Its main mission is to promote and encourage legislative action at the Federal, State and Municipal levels of government in protecting and improving the PENSION, HEALTH BENEFITS and GENERAL WELFARE of police and firefighter retirees as well as their survivors and/or other beneficiaries. There are over 3,000 members of the association in various county Locals in NJ, as well as Local 22 in the State of Florida. These members are retirees from State, County and Local Firefighters, Police, Sheriff, Prosecutors, and Attorney General’s Office to name a few. These members reside in NJ, NY, PA, FL, VA, SC and many other states.
Local 9 has supported numerous organizations, individuals and members in times of need, with personal support and financial donations. We also support members by co-hosting various activities throughout the year.
Our Associate Members are from various occupations that support the association’s mission and members. These members are Attorneys, Mortgage Brokers, Real Estate Brokers, State Assemblymen, Senators and Businessmen that support the retired Firefighters and Police in NJ.
We welcome all who have retired Honorably from these jobs, as well as those who support us as associate members. You may contact any member for an application, write to the above address or contact Mike Burns at mcbkc@aol.com or at 732-721-7474. Thank You.
                                                                                 Mike Burns                                                                                                     President Local 9
New Jersey Retired Police & Firemen's Association, Inc. http://Www.njrpfa.org/

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