December 4, 2015

53:1-20.21 Purposes of DNA samples.

53:1-20.21  Purposes of DNA samples.
5.Tests shall be performed on each blood or other biological sample submitted pursuant to section 4 of P.L.1994, c.136 (C.53:1-20.20) in order to analyze and type the genetic markers contained in or derived from the DNA.  Except insofar as the use of the results of these tests for such purposes would jeopardize or result in the loss of federal funding, the results of these tests shall be used for the following purposes: 

a.For law enforcement identification purposes;

b.For development of a population database;

c.To support identification research and protocol development of forensic DNA analysis methods; 

d.To assist in the recovery or identification of human remains from mass disasters or for other humanitarian purposes; 

e.For research, administrative and quality control purposes;

f.For judicial proceedings, by order of the court, if otherwise admissible pursuant to applicable statutes or rules;

g.For criminal defense purposes, on behalf of a defendant, who shall have access to relevant samples and analyses performed in connection with the case in which the defendant is charged; and 

h.For such other purposes as may be required under federal law as a condition for obtaining federal funding. 

The DNA record of identification characteristics resulting from the DNA testing conducted pursuant to this section shall be stored and maintained in the State DNA database and forwarded to the FBI for inclusion in CODIS.  The DNA sample itself will be stored and maintained in the State DNA databank.  

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