September 19, 2011

L.M.F. VS. J.A.F., JR. A-0121-10T3

In this appeal from a final domestic violence restraining order, we apply the principles articulated by the Court in J.D. v. M.D.F., _____ N.J. _____ (2011), and conclude the trial court erred in finding the predicate offense of harassment. Theparties are divorced parents. They used text messaging as the primary means of exchanging information about their two children. The domestic violence complaint alleged harassment based on defendant sending plaintiff eighteen text messages over a three-hour period. The content of the messages was not threatening or menacing in any way. We also hold there was insufficient evidence of a history of domestic violence to substantiate that a restraining order was necessary to prevent further abuse as required under Silver v. Silver, 387 N.J. Super. 112 (App. Div. 2006). 8-22-11

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